Woodworking Industry - Products

Timber Processing

T.C.T. Saw Blade

Timber Max TK

Thin Kerf Splitting Saw Blade .

Timber Max

Heavy Duty Rip Saw Blade .

SF-Saw Blade

Glueline Saw Blade .

Yield Pro

Fine Cross Cut Saw Blade .

Finger Joint Cutter


Heavy Duty Cutter Head .

Disc Type Cutter

HC-Up tipped cutter .


HS-HP tipped Type Finger Joint Cutter .

Planer Head & Knife Steel

ST-1 Knives

Straight and Corrugated Back Steel .

ENSHIN Planer Head

Self-Locking Planer Head .

ENSHIN PowerLock-Type

Self-Locking System for Powermat .

ST-1 Planer Head

Heavy Duty Planer Head .


SF-Tongue & Groove Cutter

HC-UP tipped Cutter Constantly perfect tongue and groove precision .

SF-Panel Raise Cutter

HC-UP tipped Cutter .

SF-Splitting Technology

HC-UP treated Splitting Cutter .

SF-Profile Cutter

HC-UP treated Profile Cutter .



Solid HC-UP Bit .

SF-Router Bit

HC-UP tipped Router Bit .

Board Processing

PCD Router Bit


PCD tipped Router Bit .

Profile Router Bit

High Performance Router Bit .

PCD Saw Blade


Finish Cut Saw Blade .


Heavy Duty Saw Blade .


Heavy Duty Saw Blade .

T.C.T. Saw Blade

Board Pro III

Heavy Duty Saw Blade .

Board Pro

Heavy Duty Saw Blade .

ECO Saw Blade

Finish Cut Saw Blade .

Table Saw

Industrial Quality Saw Blade .


Sawmill and Chipper Mill

Flaker & OSB Knife

Highly Durable Knives .

Chipper & Counter Knife

Sawmill Waste Wood Chippers .

Plywood Mill

Veneer Peeling Knife

High Quality Knife .

Nose Bar

Pressure Bar for Rotary Lathe .

Clipper Knife

High Precision Knife .

Spur Knife

High Quality Knife .


Veneer Slicing Knife

No-stain High Performance Knife .

Knife Holder

Quality Product .
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